Saving Time With Tax Tips

July 15, 2015

Whether or not you admit it, there is a big possibility that even if you agree to paying your tax obligations, you still want to save money. This is understood especially if you are the kind of person who needs a stretch in your budget. Did you know that you can save while you take care of your tax responsibilities? This is absolutely the case. It’s just a matter of knowing how. For more information, please read further:

Claim all deductions you are entitled to

As per the current tax code, a wide array of deductions can reduce the amount of income taxes. Some deductions can be subtracted, even without itemizing and/or having to file a Form 1040-Schedule A. These are often referred to as ‘above the line’ deductions, which include moving and educator expenses, “Health Savings Account” contributions, and premiums on your health insurance. Itemized deductions include (but are limited to) real estate, state, and local taxes, as well as, the interest on home mortgages. Also, consumer rights also entitle you to deleting mortgage company charges that were wrongfully place on your credit report. To find out more, go to

Keep all the receipts for your deductible expenses

It will be impossible for you to claim all your deductions if you don’t have the documents that will substantiate those deductions; receipts are among them. Make it a habit to keep track of your entire personal and business expenses that may possibly be deductible; these include meals during your business discussions, the distance driven (related to business), and many other business-related expenses. You can do this better by systematically filing the receipts you have in doing business. These receipts will support your expenses. In this manner, you will be able to maximize your deductibles.

Take advantage of tax credits

If you are looking for the best tax break, you will find it with your tax credits. Why? This is primarily because tax credits can lower the amount of your total tax liability. This is far greater than enjoying tax deductions, which only reduces your income taxes. There are several tax credits that have been made available to you, that ranges from tax credits on education, dependent care, child care expenses, residential energy and many others. In case you do not know, each child that will be qualified (the children that live in your home) may give you a total of $ 1,000 – an amazing opportunity! In addition to tax breaks, if your consumer rights have been violated, you are also entitled to $1,000 for every violation – go to for more details.

Look for investments that are tax-free

There is no better way to save on your investment expenses, than to look for a venture that offer tax-free opportunities. Unfortunately, most people think that the only way to reap the benefits of tax savings on investments, is by realizing losses. However, there are specific investments that provide opportunities to earn profits, without having to pay for taxes; municipal bonds are among them. Basically, these are loans to any entities, under the municipal government; a particular entity will often promise to pay the loan at a certain interest rate, during a certain time span of the bond. Consequently, the principal (or face value of the bond) will be paid upon its maturity. Depending on the area where you live, appreciation and income for municipal bonds can be exempted from both state and federal taxes.

Consider charitable contributions

As a working professional who aims at saving money amidst your tax obligations, you can realize it in a noble way. This can be done by giving contributions to charitable institutions. In fact, aside from reaping the social benefits of extending financial aids through charities, some people have been favoured in terms of reducing their income taxes. Gifts, that are given to charitable organizations, are tax deductible. Bear in mind, however, that in order for your charitable contributions to be deducted, you need to itemize these deductions on Form 1040, which will be issued by the IRS. The amount of deduction will depend on the total of your contributions, as well as, additional itemized deductions. Also, remember that deductions may only reach a maximum of 50% of your adjusted net income. Also, consider that those whom you may owe money to, can grant acts of charity to you, as well; so, if you are behind on payments to a department store, appealing the debt with a goodwill letter, will help wipe the slate clean – go to to find out more!

Who says paying taxes and saving money at the same time is not possible? It’s only a matter of being congnizant of your resources, while you pay your taxes. Why not think of tax payments in terms of reducing the expected amount of your income taxes? There’s nothing wrong with doing this, as long as the steps you are adopting do not violate tax code and other existing laws. Don’t make paying taxes be a huge burden, on your part. There are things you just have to learn and do, to make paying taxes easier. These tips are among the most helpful suggestions that a lot of tax payers have taken advantage of. You too can be one of them, so, take note and use these resources to reduce your tax payments.